How to create a simple click, long click, double click, randomize...

How to Create
  • Method 1: Using the icon in Toolbar or Bottombar.
  • Method 2: Using the click() function in code.
Long click, double click, delay, randomize
Click Parameters

Tap the click point to bring up the menu. Most parameters are self-explanatory.

Increase Hold parameter to create a long click.

Increase Repeat parameter to create double click, triple click, etc...

Use Randomize to randomize the click location with every repeat. The coordinates are randomized in a circle with the original coordinate as the center and the entered amount as the radius (x +- a, y +- a).

Code Equivalent

    click(Point(1200, 540), CParam.hold(100).repeat(3).delay(0).waitNext(100).random(0))

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