Image Detection

Learn how to create an image detection based macro with smart decision making


Time based macro is quick to set up but it's only good for simple stuffs. The biggest drawback of time based macro is that they're so unreliable.

Time based macro execute instruction regardless of what's on the actual screen. If you miss timed an action then the whole macro will stop working and worse it'll keep clicking god know what.

In order to time an action you have to keep some extra delay to make sure everything work properly and those extra delay added up.

Image Detection solves all of those problems by actually looking at the screen, wait for the thing you want to click appear and take action on it. You can set up logic to handle the case when the thing you want to look for did not appear within a timeout period thus adding some decision making to your macro.

Image Detection is easy to set up and it could be argued that it's even easier than time based.

Text Recognition is the same but you can specify the "words" that you want to look for instead of images. Lots of UI elements is word based: Start, Menu, Stop, Ok, etc....

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