Color Detection

Detect color at a single Point


Color Detection is pretty much the same as Image Detection.

Rather than searching for an image in Region, we check for a color at a single Point.

Detect Point

Where to detect color. This is no different than a Point in a Click or Swipe

It's recommended to use the coordinates from the Color Picker

Compare Criteria
Compare Criteria

When doing color detection. We use a different metric to compare color. It's called delta E.

Delta E (dE) is a metric for understanding how the human eye perceives color difference.

Lower dE figures indicate greater accuracy, while high dE levels indicate a significant mismatch.

In most case, colors look the same with dE < 10. Identical colors will have dE = 0.

Alpha channel (transparency) is not a color property and most device doesn't capture the alpha channel, but if you need it you can enable the Include Alpha Channel option to include it in the algorithm.

Code Equivalent

    // Get color at point 500, 200
    var color = Color.get(Point(500, 200))

    // Compare color
    if (color and color.isSame("#FFRRGGBB")) {
        // Same color
    } else {
        // Different color

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