Create different version of your macro with ease

How it works

Flavor is a build system named after Android's Flavor.

A Flavor or combination of Flavor is a Build Variant aka Version.

With Flavor, you can create multiple versions of your macro with a single macro base.

How to Create

Using the icon in Bottombar.

Flavor Setting

You can access the Flavor Setting from Edit Mode setting tab.

Here you can add Flavors and select the Build Variant.

Add Flavor

When adding a Flavor you can choose its name and dimension.

You can think of dimension as a group of Flavor. Flavor with the same dimension means it's in the same group.

Build Variant

A Build Variant is a version of your macro. Each variant is formed by one or more Flavor in each dimension.

For example if you have Flavor "debug" ("type"), "release" ("type"), "free" ("tier"), "pro" ("tier"). "type" and "tier" is the dimension. You would have these variants: debugfree, debugpro, releasefree, releasepro

Flavor Group

Same as any group where you can put actions inside. The only different is that you can select which Flavor this group belong to.

Only the actions inside the Flavor that belong to Build Variant with that Flavor is included while the rest is removed.

Take the above examples. If you put an action inside Flavor "debug" then it'll only be available in debugfree and debugpro.

Flavor Group can be inside another Flavor Group. For example you can put Flavor Group "free" inside "debug". Actions inside "free" will only be available in the debugfree variant.

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