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The purpose of this document is to help you better understand Macrorify's many features.

Creating macros in this app can be as simple or complex as you need them to be. It ultimately depends on how much you want it to do.

You can create everything from simple clicks operating off of a timer to more advanced macros that utilize image detection and/or scripted functions.

This document is structured according to the complexity of each of the topics covered within, beginning with understanding the basics before understanding more advanced methods.

For those preferring a hands-on experience with programming over using an interface, check out the Code Equivalent section for a look under the hood of each topic and how they're coded

  • Basic: The basic functions of Macrorify. Learn to automate clicks and swipes either manually or by recording your screen.
  • Image Detection: Learn how to click when an image/text appears. Leverage callbacks to react to image/text that disappears/appears.
  • Functions and Variables: Take your macro to the next level by putting duplicated part of your macro into a reusable functions. Alongside this, advanced "if-else" logic and function callbacks will allow you to better utilize image detection for improved precision.
  • Setting Builder: Build a custom user interface. Modify the behavior of your macro at run time.
  • EMScript: The heart of Macrorify. EMScript is a new scripting language developed specifically for Macrorify. It combines C styled syntax with the easy of use of dynamically typed language. Learn the basic syntax and start writing some code.
    If you already know how to code, check the Reference to see the full list of classes and methods available.
  • Native Service: Installation guide for the Native Service

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